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Leslie Ingram

Leslie  Ingram
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      When did you get your start in the business? Why? How?

      I have been working in real estate for nearly my entire career, working at PaineWebber Properties, for a mortgage company, and real estate attorneys. In 2006, I got my real estate sales license. At the time, I had a young family and wanted flexibility with work and I was always going to open houses and driving around neighborhoods. I love finding a house to be saved or, even better, redesigned!

      What do you like about the business? What don’t you like?

      I love the fact that my days are never the same! I always learn something new and I’ve been doing this for a long time! There is really nothing that I don’t like. Although at times it can be challenging, I enjoy that as well.

      Describe the funniest or most entertaining transaction you’ve had?

      I’ve experienced a few strange things. Once after the closing, the sellers’ grown son refused to leave the house and was entertaining friends in the basement. I literally had to go down there and tell him to get going! I also had a listing, an incredible Captain’s house had been vacant and was very dilapidated, which I’d show clapping my hands and stomping my feet. What was I doing? Scaring away the raccoons!

      What are the greatest challenges you see in today’s market? How do you overcome?

      Challenges… what is a challenge to one side is a benefit to the other! Low inventory is great for the seller, but tough for the buyer. I have to know the market and conditions for the buyer to be able to move on a property quickly. Bring your checkbook! Be ready to make a decision!

      Educating the seller and buyer about market conditions is a top priority. Every area, even within a city like Somerville, has its own pockets of hot and cold!

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